January 17, 2018

Sony's PlayStation Network Reportedly Hit With DDOS Attack

Reports are emerging around the web that the Playstation Network (PSN) has been taken offline in North America and parts of Europe due to a massive DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service Attack). Users logging into the PSN were greeted with a page stating that the page they were trying to access was unavailable.

Sony tweeted about the incident here but did not elaborate on root cause. Shortly after, normal service was resumed.

This new twist in what is definitely not Sony’s finest hour could not have come at a worst time and was actully probably timed to maximize the effect. The alleged perpetrators were not Guardians of Peace (GOP) but a new group claiming (albeit unverified) responsibility for the hack calling themselves Lizard Squad.

In other Sony news, the lawsuits that we predicted a few days back have started to materialize, and emails to employees from management have started to leak out. Although the email could be described as "content lite", it sheds some light on how Sony is viewing the attack. Words like "unprecedented" and "aggressively" feature heavily.

Moving forward, this is a very turbulent time for the studio, and the management will have to be very adept at moving on and putting these events behind them. No one knows, however, if the purported 100 TB archive that was accessed may come back to haunt them at a future date.
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