February 11, 2018

$21 Million For Altering Search Results In India

If you remember last year Google fined for €2.42billion by the European Competition Commission for favoring their own comparison shopping service in the search results. Now it looks like, once again Google finds itself condemned for having anti-competitive practices.

Recently, competition commission of India, the watchdog of fair competition in India, had found Google manipulating the search results for flight-related queries. The search giant Google found routing the flight-related queries towards its own flight search service.

According to the competition commission of India, Google has abused its dominant position on three counts largely concerning to search. According to the 190-page pdf shared by CCI, this practice actually harms start-ups and is unfair to the consumers as well.

Well, a penalty of 5% of average revenue generated from India from FY12 to FY15, amounting to $21 million, has to be deposited within 60 days. It’s worth to note that the penalty can be extended up to 10% as specified under the country’s competition laws.

In Response to the competition commission of India’s order, the search giant Google said “The Competition Commission of India has confirmed that, on the majority of issues it examined, our conduct complies with Indian competition laws”

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