February 03, 2018

Antivirus To Start Removing PC ‘Optimizer’ Scareware

Microsoft has detected – for some time now – a worrying increase in what they call ‘scareware’. Programs for Windows 10 that promise the user things like ‘clean’ or ‘optimize’ the computer, and improve its performance.

This is not the problem, but they are distributed as free software, and once they have analyzed the user’s computer they start to send abusive messages in which, they simply try to scare the users of the computers, with the payment for the service for ‘cleaning’ and ‘optimizing’ the computer.

Hence, the tech giant Microsoft is advancing, since the launch of Windows 10, in an important evolution of Windows Defender. As the tech giant Microsoft’s intention seems to point to making its security software ‘Defender’ a complete antivirus, as an alternative to specific computer security solutions offered by third parties. And in this same sense, the tech giant Microsoft has announced that next month will include a new function against scareware.

Those programs with messages of coercion, or of ‘deceptive character that press for the payment of additional services for unnecessary actions’ will end for users of Windows 10, with this new Windows Defender.
Microsoft wants to end the scareware in Windows 10 thanks to Windows Defender

The paid versions of these programs, explained Microsoft, do not solve the performance problems according to what is announced. They are considered as ‘cleaning’ or optimization programs, and in their free version, they only make a supposed analysis of the computer.

It is in the paid version where users are offered the supposed cleaning and optimization of the equipment, but in reality, they do not carry out any type of modification on the system to improve its performance. This is what the tech giant Microsoft wants to end.

The Redmond company considers this type of applications problematic, and that is why Windows Defender will start from next month to classify these programs as unwanted software. And as it is evident, Windows Defender will act against these programs by deleting them from the computer automatically. Specifically, it will be from March 1 when the Redmond company will start taking actions with its software dedicated to computer security.

So, what do you think about this initiative taken by the tech giant Microsoft? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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