February 02, 2018

Apple CEO: Tim Cook Sued For Slowing Down Older iPhones made

Apple’s major step to make older iPhones slower had already cost a lot. Apple openly admitted that they purposely slowed down older iPhones with an iOS update. Apple had taken this step to avoid battery issues.

However, iPhone users all over the world felt it hard to digest the news. On return, Apple issued a lengthy letter of apology to its loyal customer in which it states that there has been some “misunderstanding about the issue”

Apple has already been sued many times over the iOS update that slowed down iPhones with degraded batteries. Now, it looks like the CEO of Apple himself is sent to court by a South Korean consumer group.

Recently, a South Korean consumer group has filed a criminal complaint against Apple CEO Tim Cook over slowing down iPhones deliberately. According to the reports from Reuters, the citizens united for Consumer Sovereignty accuses Apple of “destruction of property and fraud”

Well, it’s not still clear why customers are going after Apple CEO Tim Cook himself and not for Apple. Park Soon-Jang, an official at the advocacy group told Reuters by phone “For the sake of its loyal fans, Apple has to take responsibility over the slowing iPhones”

This is the second legal action taken by the same group of people after another civil damage suit filed in early January which involves 120 customers. On the other hand, Tim cook already taken responsibility for this blunder. Tim Cook said in an interview “When we did put it [the software update] out, we did say what it was, but I don’t think a lot of people were paying attention,”

“Maybe we should have been clearer, as well. We deeply apologize for anybody that thinks we had some other kind of motivation”. Apple has also launched a battery replacement program where people can get a $79 battery for $29.
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