February 02, 2018

Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android

Guys, you know Messenger apps are the tantrum for all of us nowadays. We can’t live without messenger apps. Usually, we use Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger etc. Even Instagram and Tumblr also provides the feature of messaging now. We love to chat with people which are sitting in another corner of the globe by sending messages to each other.  We prefer to have direct communication with one another rather than emailing. So, we have decided to provide you the best list of 10 encrypted messenger apps for Android.

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    1 Top 10+ Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android
        1.1 #1 Whatsapp Messenger
        1.2 #2 Facebook Messenger
        1.3 #3 TELEGRAM
        1.4 #4 SIGNAL
        1.5 #5 WICKR ME
        1.6 #6 Silent Phone
        1.7 #7 Wire – Private Messenger
        1.8 #8 Cyphr
        1.9 #9 Viber Messenger
        1.10 #10 Silence
        1.11 #11 Threema
        1.12 #12 Dust

Top 10+ Best Encrypted Messenger Apps for Android

Below are the some of the best apps that you will surely love to use and they provide you extra security with the encrypted messages. So have a look on all these apps discussed below
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