February 06, 2018

Bring iCloud-Based Single Sign-On Solution For Websites

Most Internet sites are adhering to third-party authentication mechanisms. In addition to being simpler to implement, it ensures that the accounts are valid and that they already exist.

The most used are the mechanisms of Facebook and Google, but a new one seems to be coming to market. An analysis of iOS 11.3 revealed that the tech giant Apple with iCloud and Apple ID may be about to provide this service.

By linking the authentication mechanisms to these great Internet services, the sites can have several guarantees. The main one is, along with security, that users do not need to create another account since they can use one already exist as Apple ID.

Detailed analysis of the iOS 11.3 code has now revealed the presence of strings that show the tech giant Apple will use iCloud and Apple ID for users to authenticate to the sites.

SecureChannel has references that show that websites will be able to use this authentication mechanism and access iCloud data, probably just full name and email.

This feature is similar to what the tech giant Apple already uses in Apple TV’s Single Sign-On, which allows transparent access to multiple applications after successful authentication.

There are also references to a component that will allow you to use a QR code to request authentication of the user’s Apple ID after it will read with the iPhone camera.

If the tech giant Apple moves forward with this mechanism, it will have to face 2 giants that already dominate this area. Both the social network giant Facebook and the tech giant Google already have their authentications scattered across websites and apps, preventing users from having to create new accounts and memorize new passwords.

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