February 03, 2018

Cloud: Build Machine Learning Models Without Coding

Well, if you remember previous year Google launched Cloud Machine Learning & cloud infrastructure solution for Machine learning and deep learning projects. Now, to lower the barrier of entry and make the AI available to all the developers and businesses around, Google introduces Cloud AutoML.

The main aim of Cloud AutoML is to make it comfortable for businesses to build machine learning models. With the help of Cloud AutoML, businesses will be able to build machine learning models with a drag-and-drop interface.

So, if your company doesn’t have professional machine-learning programmers, then Google’s Cloud AutoML could fulfill your needs. Well, Google AutoML is an AI project that creates its own machine learning software. Now with the release of AutoML Cloud, the entire process to create machine learning software will be easier.

Right now the AutoML Cloud is limited to image recognition. The new service which is dubbed as AutoML Vision can build only custom image recognition models. AutoML Vision carries a very nice and simple interface where you can upload images with ease, manage and train them, and finally deploy models on Google Cloud.

Google’s AutoML Vision project has been made possible with the help of collaboration between Google Brain and other AI teams. Not only these, Google’s Auto ML Vision also offers increased accuracy and faster production-ready model creation.

If we talk about competitors, tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are also offering their pre-trained AI tools. So, it will be interesting to see how Google plays in this game.

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