February 02, 2018

Dell: ‘Do No install Spectre BIOS Updates

The patching process of the Spectre update continues to be unsatisfactory in most situations. We recently told you that Red Hat had removed this content because it caused instability in the system. But this has not been the only remarkable case. Dell has been forced to make an announcement related to these updates. Surely more than one user who has already opted for the update will not be surprised.

From the manufacturer have just announced that all those users who have not yet carried out the update of their system are recommended to wait. What happens to those users who have already made it? Well, they will have to wait in the same way for the manufacturer’s solution. We say this because from Dell they have indicated that the BIOS update that allows solving/mitigating the Spectre vulnerability is causing the system to behave in an unstable manner.

From Dell, they indicate that the bug is in the Intel proprietary component that has been included to update the BIOS of their computers. The user may encounter unexpected system reboots and system crashes, forcing the user to perform the forced shutdown.

They indicate that all the equipment affected by this instability will no longer have the update available, preventing more problem cases from appearing. Although there is not a complete list of affected devices, it seems that almost all the systems that have offered problems after the update are servers, especially of the 11G, 12G, 13G and 14G families.

They add that they are working on an update that will be released in the next few hours so that users who are affected by this anomalous behaviour can revert the state of the computer.
Chaotic situation to put an end to Spectre

Nobody said that it would be easy, but also that after the update users found themselves in chaotic situations on their computers. It is a very sensitive part of the hardware of the equipment. The possibility of using Spectre as a vulnerability and its consequences accelerated the process of publishing updates. It has always been said that hurries are not good guides. It is not the first Intel failure when it comes to ending this vulnerability in its hardware. There have already been several problems detected, and Dell’s teams do nothing but join the list.

When the decision made by those responsible for Red Hat came to light, many experts in security issues recommended to arm themselves with patience and not throw themselves into the pool so soon. That is, wait for updates to mature to avoid these types of problems. Obviously, users are alarmed and tend to update as soon as possible. On this occasion, it is not the best option. However, the Dell computer users must wait at least for the two weeks for the update to patch the Spectre vulnerability again.

So, what do you think about this situation? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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