February 06, 2018

Facebook Employees Step Up Battle Against Tech Addiction

The dependence of technologies and social networks has been an issue addressed for some years, but it begins to gain strength and prominence in society, and there are already several prevention and awareness measures for the problem.

Recently, ex-employees of the tech giant Google and the social network giant Facebook, have created an organization to raise awareness of technology addiction, especially in the younger ones.

Virtually all people have contact with technology, and through it, they already do various tasks that, before, were done manually.

However, there is a fine line between healthy use and the use of a technology-dependent way when you feel unable to live without it, feeling anxious when you are not ‘on’.

To raise awareness and awareness of this problem, especially with regard to overuse by children, a group of former employees of the tech giant Google and the social network giant Facebook, created the organization Center for Humane Technology.

The main objective of the organization is to raise awareness of the excessive use of children by disseminating information about the negative effects of technology, especially on social networks.

To this end, they launched the Truth About Tech campaign, inspired by anti-smoking campaigns, in which the mission is to hold lectures in 55,000 public schools in order to alert students, parents and teachers to the negative impact of overuse of technology, sensitizing the consequences ranging from anxiety to depression.

This campaign received funding of $7 million from Common Sense Media, which is releasing the initiative. In turn, DirecTV and Comcast will contribute $50 million, advertising and free exposure time for the campaign.

In an interview with The New York Times, Tristan Harris, co-founder of CHT and a former Google employee, says:-

“The biggest supercomputers in the world are within two companies – Google and Facebook – and where are we pointing? To the brains of people, of children”.

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