February 08, 2018

Google Is Testing Its Mysterious Fuchsia OS

We all know that the search giant Google already owns Android operating system. Android is now the most used operating system. However, past year we have read news regarding Fuchsia OS.

Well, Google has been working on another operating system which is known as Fuchsia. Fuchsia operating system is been in the experimental phase for more than one year now. The Operating system is created by Google and is now open-sourced for the developer community to contribute to.

Fuchsia is still a mysterious operating system that the search giant hasn’t detailed at all. According to the reports from Chrome Unboxed, the search giant has now released documentation that allows developers to load Fuchsia OS onto the Pixelbook.

However, installing Fuchsia OS on The Pixelbook is not going to be an easy task because the developers need to have two machines to host and target a Pixelbook to load the operating system.

The documentation explains the Fuchsia OS installation process “The Fuchsia install process, called ‘paving’, requires two machines, the machine on which you want to run Fuchsia (“target”) and the machine on which you build Fuchsia (“host”). Host and target must be able to communicate over a local area network. On your host system you will build Fuchsia, create a piece of install media, and stream a large portion of the system over the network to the target.”

According to Google, Fuchsia operating system supports hardware platforms like Intel NUC and Acer Switch 12. However, the installation process is not compatible with ARM devices. As far we know, the operating system can be installed on smartphones in the near future.

At first, many people assumed that Google’s Fuchsia OS will be used to power mobile devices, IoT gadgets, and wearables. However, now it looks like the possibility to bring Fuchsia OS to desktops is very real.

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