February 08, 2018

Hires Apple Chip Designer John Bruno

The arrival of Rick Osterloh as head of the hardware division in Google was a clear move, and the footsteps of the tech giant Google that they are heading towards a new path simply to compete with other manufacturer and tech giants.

In the hands of the former Motorola, manager have unified and standardized the ranges of Google devices, and the launch of Pixel 2 with its family ‘made by Google’ finally placed in the front line of fire in the industry of smartphones to the Mountain View company. The objective? Surely to compete with Apple in its field, to control hardware and software of its platform.

Well, one more step and this is very important, because the tech giant Google has just secured more talent for its hardware division just by hiring John Bruno, a former AMD systems architect who has spent the last five years at the tech giant Apple firm developing the successful Apple A chipsets for its mobile devices.

A Google chip maker?
The news has jumped directly from the LinkedIn page of John Bruno, which already reflects his signing by Google with the same role as Systems Architect that he played in Cupertino. It’s been the guys at Android Headlines who have seen it, and have rushed to publish it as it deserves a star signing like this.

We do not know if the tech giant Google also wants to become a chip maker, already has the Pixel Visual Core as its first foray into semiconductors, but what is clear is that this movement is the confirmation that the tech giant Google will continue to put resources available to its hardware department.

The arrival of Bruno is probably motivated by the high dependence on third-party chips, seeking to centralize in the company at least the design of the SoCs that will power the next terminals ‘made by Google’. It is precisely this that the engineer did in Apple, and we already know the successes of the chipsets of the Apple that Samsung is responsible for manufacturing.

Pixel phones as an important part of Google’s business
Surely it will not be soon nor will it be fast, although everything seems to indicate that Google will now look for the perfect symbiosis of Android with its own hardware, one that squeezes the most of the software’s capabilities without the need to add too much to the career of the gigahertz and the gigabytes.

Without figures, it would be speculating to comment on whether Google makes money, or earn money, with a good range of smartphones, and that the business of the search engine company has always focused on services rather than hardware. However, the Pixel range seems to have become the great workhorse of Google after abandoning projects such as Ara, Tango and Glass, and it also seems that now Google wants to compete directly against Android partners on the shelves of major stores.

A very interesting move, from a reputed systems architect with extensive experience in the sector, who will also join the signings of other names of Qualcomm and other companies that Google has been doing quietly in recent months.

How will this affect the Android platform? Well, it’s early to comment, but what is clear is that the tech giant Google is preparing to create a semiconductor division and manufacture, or at least design, its own processors.

So, what do you think about this move? SImply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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