February 07, 2018

INTERNET HACKERS Install Windows PE On Xiaomi Mi 4 Android Smartphone

As we all know by now, Microsoft’s Windows phone is now dead and it no longer has a future in Microsoft’s vision. However, we have also seen that the hardcore fans of Microsoft’s Windows phones are trying hard to keep the Windows mobile platform alive using various projects.

Just a few days ago, we have seen a Twitter user who goes by the name Gustave M managed to get both Windows 10 (ARM version) and Windows RT running on Microsoft’s phablet Lumia 1520.

Now another twitter user @rlinev have shown his own experiment in which he got Windows PE running on a Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone. Windows mobile OS running on Android smartphone might be a dream project for many and it looks like it can be achieved.

Well, the demo shown by @rlinev shows that the operating system hits an error when trying to boot. However, this project is a clear indication that Windows PE can be installed on an Android smartphone and with more research, all the errors could be fixed.

So, how helpful this new project could be? Well, not much because the fate of Microsoft’s platform has already been decided by the tech giant itself. Recently, Joe Belfiore from Microsoft said that no new features and devices are planned for Windows 10 mobile.
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However, few rumors claim that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone that could bring the full version of Windows 10 on a phone. So, it looks like not everyone is ready to give up on Windows phones as fast as Microsoft did.

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