February 03, 2018

Lets You Earn Cryptocurrency Just By Walking Around

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The trend of Bitcoin had reached sky high and different startup companies are exploring new strategies to generate any form of cryptocurrency. Startups are exploring new methods to make their apps popular. However, it looks like an app known as Sweatcoin has surpassed many to become one of the top apps on the Apps Store.

Sweatcoin app is basically a health app which motivates a user to walk. But it comes with a little twist, the app tracks your outdoor steps and converts it into Sweatcoin cryptocurrency. The app makes use of phone’s GPS and phone’s accelerometer to track your outdoor steps.

Sweatcoin app for Android and iOS is slowly gaining the popularity and it had already recorded more than two million weekly users. But, the app is only available in the UK, US, and Ireland.

The app first asks to create an account. After you sign up the app and connect it to your phone’s health data, the app uses GPS to track your outdoor steps. The app gives you 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take. The sweatcoins can be spent in more than 300 stores.

According to the reports from TechCrunch, the startup company has raised almost $5.7 million seed funding from Goodwater Capital and other angels. The founder of Sweatcoin says that the team will use the fundings to expand the reach of the app to other English-speaking countries and then on Europe and Asia region.

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