February 03, 2018

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Finally Overtakes Windows 7

The installed base of Windows 10 among the public is not being expected by the tech giant Microsoft that has shattered its initial estimates. However, later the tech giant Microsoft managed to handle the situation.

As the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 acceptance has not been peaceful and has not been as simple as expected. But the tech giant Microsoft’s latest operating system, of course, the Windows 10 may have finally taken the step into the main domain, now having surpassed Windows 7.

For several months, it was expected that the tech giant Microsoft’s new operating system could surpass Windows 7 and take the lead in the operating system market. If in several places this was already a concrete scenario, at the global level this was still a situation to be achieved.

The latest StatCounter data now shows that it was in January that Windows 10 finally managed to overtake Windows 7. The gap is still narrow but already visible.

Windows 10 now claims 42.78% market share and Windows 7 is slightly lower, with 41.86%. Below these 2, but at a very large distance, we have Windows 8.1, which had in January 8.72%.

Interestingly, Windows 10 managed to gain, against December, by 1.09 percentage points. In the case of Windows 7, there was a break but much smaller. This system, compared to December, decreased by 0.03 percentage points.

The rest of the list goes with Windows XP, which now has 3.36%, with Windows 8, which has 2.44%, and Windows Vista, which has 0.74%. With the exception of Windows Vista, which managed to have a further 0.04 percentage points, all these systems lost market by December 2017 only.

Contrary to what we can see in the global market, in India the new system of the tech giant Microsoft has managed to achieve its top position and continues to grow sustainably.

The conquest of the first place happened in April of 2016, having from that height continued to grow. In January Windows 10 had 62.9% of market share and Windows 7 was already far, with 24.36%.

It is likely that other statistics show a slightly different reality, but the truth is that this is a move that will not stop and the growth of Windows 10 will continue, leaving Windows 7 behind.

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