February 10, 2018

they Bring Android Messages To Your Computer’s Web Browser (APK Teardown)

Android users, here’s another good news for you! Now you can send text messages through the browser. As we all know that Google dominates the search, video, maps section, but its messaging game plan remains a conundrum.

We must admit that Google has different kind of apps for every different purpose. However, it has failed to gain an iMessage or WhatsApp like popularity. If we talk about iMessage, it’s one of the reasons why people choose to stay inside Apple’s closed garden.

Google is reportedly planning to bring the ability to exchange text messages from your computers. You all might be wondering how it will be possible? Well, you will be able to use Android Messages app on Chrome, Firefox and other web browsers on your computer.

Recently, Android Police had done some code digging on Android Messages app. Some intriguing findings indicate features like scanning QR code, connecting PC app to phone, sending messages from PC, multiple browser support and more.

The apk teardown also reveals some advanced feature like sending messages over WiFi, read receipts, seeing real-time responses, etc. Well, it’s worth to note that APK teardowns are mostly speculative, and it could turn out to be wrong on most occasions. So, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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