February 07, 2018

THEY Claims It Is India’s No. 1 Smartphone Company

Whenever we talk about smartphones in India, most of the users choose to select between Xiaomi and Samsung. Previously, we have seen Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi beats Samsung Electronics to become the top smartphone seller in India.

Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint Research said that Xiaomi’s clever tactics to deliver high-spec smartphones and affordable price and market expansion is what enabled it to take the top spot in the World’s biggest smartphone market.

However, Samsung now claims that it retains its top spot with 45% value market share and 40% volume market share in India. One of the Samsung’s India spokesperson said “Samsung is India’s number 1 smartphone company by a distance. As per GFK, which tracks sales to end consumers, in the last (November) quarter Samsung had a 45% value market share and 40% volume market share.”

“Samsung is a full range player and leads the smartphone business across every segment of the India market in 2017. More importantly, Samsung is India’s ‘Most Trusted’ brand. We owe our undisputed leadership to the love and trust of millions of our consumers in India.”

As we already said, the reports from Counterpoint said that Xiaomi has taken over the top spot from Samsung in India. So, the latest claims from Samsung makes things little confusing.

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