February 02, 2018

Vital Reasons Why You Must Use A VPN Service

After the demise of popular torrent sites like Kickass Torrents, Torrentz, more and more internet users are opting for VPN. Mostly, users use VPN just to gain access to the blocked website.

VPN which also stands for Virtual Private Network can be used along with your Internet service provider to have numerous benefits. The key benefit of using VPN is privacy. Privacy is the only reason why the use of VPN is on the rise.
How VPN Works?

How VPN Works?

Many people are worried about being tracked by their ISP or by authorities. So, they prefer to use VPNs, since it offers peace of mind for those people who want to defend their privacy.

Here we will talk about the advantages of using a VPN. Some of them include:
#1 Increased Privacy

If you choose to use VPN while browsing the internet then you will experience a greater level of privacy. ISP cannot track you if you are using a VPN service. If you are trying to find some ways to hide your online activities then VPN could be the absolute solution.
#2 Access Blocked Sites

We must admit that we very often come across sites that were blocked in our country. With the VPN, you can access those blocked websites with ease because it will be the VPN server that is locating them rather that your own IP address. If you want to access any site that is blocked then just sign up to a VPN service and select servers from other countries. This will open up the blocked website.
#3 VPNs Are Mostly Free

Mostly, VPNs are freely available. While others have a small charge. With the paid ones you can get some extra benefits. However, free VPNs will also work. You can try Browsec for Google Chrome which is so far the best one I have used.
#4 Secure Browsing

VPN offers some enhanced level of online security. Whenever you connect to the internet via VPN, your personal data which includes passwords, financial transactions, messages is secured and encrypted. Moreover, your personal identification will also remain secret from web detectives.
#5 Improved Connectivity

If you are in India and trying to access a service from another part of the world, connectivity will be far better through your VPN. VPN becomes a handy tool when it comes to connectivity, especially if you are accessing services in a different location from where you are based.
#6 You can Use Public Wi-Fi without any risk

Everyone loves to get free internet. We must admit that we all love to use WiFi internet provided at restaurants, airports, cafes or any other public places. However, do you know such hotspots are not safe for sensitive logins? Well, to avoid all the risk you can always use a VPN service on your smartphone or laptop.
#7 Accessing Full Netflix Content

One of the foremost reason why people love to pirate content is that they don’t get access to all the content on streaming service like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Some content on those platforms is geo-restricted. However, with the help of VPN, you can change the location to access all the contents.
#8 You Can Stop Google From Tracking You

It doesn’t matter how much you love Google for its free services. The search giant knows everything that you do on the internet. Well, with the help of VPN service, you can hide your IP from the search giant to avoid any troubles.
#9 Using Torrent Sevice

Downloading movies and TV shows illegally from notorious torrent websites are not good. However, there are many people who use torrent for good purpose. Using BitTorrent can put you on the surveillance list of many governments in some countries. However, the use of VPN can eliminate all those restrictions.
#10 Privacy is your right

The growth of VPN services have already reached sky high and it’s being seen as a basic internet security practice. Even if you don’t think VPN is necessary, a VPN service can actually improve your internet experience.

So, these are the benefits of using a VPN. All you need to do is to find the right VPN for you. You can visit our post in which we have listed Top 10 VPN services to find out the best one for you. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.
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