February 08, 2018

WHATSAPPS COMPENY Says 75 Billion Messages Sent On New Year’s Eve

IF we talk about an Instant messaging app, WhatsApp stands at the first place. There are reasons why lots of people love to use this instant messaging app like the app contains lots of features and it is frequently updated to be with the trends and demands of the users.

If we take a look at past few months, WhatsApp got some amazing features which are loved by many. As we all know, WhatsApp suffered an outage lasting more than an hour late on December 31, 2017.

WhatsApp recently revealed that more than 75 billion messages were shared on New Year’s Evening. And out of those 75 billion, more than 20 billion messages were sent just from India. Well, the 75 billion figure is also the highest-ever number of message shared on the platform.

Right now WhatsApp has over 1 billion active users worldwide and out of those India is its biggest market with over 200 million users. According to WhatsApp, out of 75 billion messages, 13 billion were images and 5 billion were videos.

The company also claimed that they have recorded that much data only for 11:59 pm to 12 am on December 31st. So, it looks like such high volume might have crashed the WhatsApp server. Well, WhatsApp has disappointed many Indians when the app went down on January 1.

WhatsApp users all across Europe, India, and Malaysia were unable to send messages to their loved ones for more than an hour. The company said “WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved”

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