February 08, 2018

Windows Face INDICATORFooled By Printed Photo

Facial recognition security systems are increasingly present and we are increasingly relying on them to protect access to our devices.

These systems, on which we rely almost blindly, are proving that they are also vulnerable and can be easily circumvented. The latest to fall into the hands of security researchers was the tech giant Microsoft’s Hello (A facial recognition security system of Windows 10).

Almost all operating systems now give users the ability to use facial recognition systems to access secure zones, make payments, or simply unblock access to operating systems.

After several known cases of breakdowns in the security of these systems, there has now been another failure, associated with the tech giant Microsoft’s latest computer operating system, of course, I am talking about the Windows 10 and its Hello facial recognition system.

Recently, SySS security experts have uncovered a flaw that allows you to unlock this system with an infrared photo of the user. The curious thing is that in older versions of the tech giant Microsoft’s latest computer operating system Windows 10 this flaw is even simpler to exploit.

In addition to the different versions of Windows 10 tested, the SySS team also evaluated a number of computers where this system is available, and the bug was discovered on the tech giant Microsoft’s Surface and other devices, such as Dell Latitude.

Not being a simple flaw to exploit, it is nevertheless very real and can be used in real scenarios for unauthorized access to machines and computers. In older systems, the quality required for the photographs to be used to exploit this failure decreases.

The recommendations of these experts are only three. The first is for all systems to be upgraded to the Fall Creators Update version of Windows 10, where Hello is more robust and requires far greater precision to work.

The second recommendation is that this biometric system can be recalibrated in machines that use it, for which new images of the user are collected. Finally, it is also advisable to activate the Hello anti-spoofing system, which can be found in the latest versions.

The tech giant Microsoft has yet to comment, although it has already been notified by SySS to this problem. However, since Fall Creators Update seems to be less vulnerable, it should have already addressed this issue.

After the South Korean giant Samsung’s face recognition system was broken with a photo and Face ID itself had problems with twins and other people, it is now the turn of the tech giant Microsoft’s latest computer operating system, of course, I am talking about the Windows 10 to be the victim and have serious security vulnerabilities. This was a system presented as safe and would have served as an example to others, to show its robustness, which now falls to the ground.

So, what do you think about this new security flaw detected in the tech giant Microsoft’s Hello? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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