February 06, 2018

X Bug Is Preventing People From Accepting Incoming Calls

As we all know, Apple already launched its much anticipated iPhone X smartphone. Well, the phone already created lots of demands because it carries a unique design and comes with some awesome technology.

Recently, we have seen a new research data by Canalys. According to that report, Apple shipped 29 million iPhone X in the fourth quarter of 2017. Well, with that numbers, iPhone X was the “world’s best-shipping smartphone model over the holidays”

However, if you remember a couple of days back Apple reported an issue with iPhone 7, which may result in showing users “No Service” in the status bar. Now, it looks like another issue has cropped up for iPhone X users.

According to the reports from Financial Times, iPhone X users are unable to answer calls because the display doesn’t wake up, even though the smartphone is ringing, users are getting no options to either reject or accept the call.

The issue in very short period became widespread. Many iPhone X users were found reporting the same problem on Apple’s support forum. The Financial times reached out to Apple on this issue to which the company replied that they are “looking into these reports”

The company actually haven’t responded on this issue yet, it’s difficult to say whether it is a hardware or software related issue. So, it remains to be seen what Apple will do to fix this issue for it’s “top-selling iPhone every week since it shipped in November”

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