March 09, 2018

Wellness Is More Than Yoga & Meditation:

In the past few years, more people than ever have turned to yoga and meditation as a means of improving their lives and coping with anxiety and stress. In late 2016, all-inclusive wellness studios began popping up in the healthy hubs of the world, New York and Los Angeles.

Largely inspired by the immersive experience of Burning Man, multisensory wellness centers aim to help their clients experience a natural high by playing up the senses. One studio of note is the Manhattan-based WOOM, which focuses on delivering yoga-inspired experiences that also utilize sound healing, visualization, scent, and are sealed with an elixir.

"We figured that, similar to a well-balanced diet, if we fed all of our senses with the right nutrients, even if only for short increments every day, we would be able to achieve personal transformation," says Elian Zach, co-founder of WOOM.

Inscape's spacious meditation center is another Manhattan-based studio worth noting. Founded by Khajak Keledjian, the former CEO of Intermix, Inscape uses sound healing, sight, texture, and taste to deliver a 360-experience.

"Meditation shifted—it used to be about spirituality but now people understand its benefits, the science, and how it can empower them to connect to their best selves, to live to their fullest potential, to be present," says Khajak. "Multisensory experiences are immersive. By actively engaging the senses and the mind, we empower people to be fully absorbed in the present moment. That immersion allows for something to enter into a state of 'being' when often we are all in a state of "doing."

In 2017, we expect to see more of this included in yoga studios nationally, and even more studios opening with the intention of appealing to all of the senses.
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