April 15, 2018

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  • The winter presents plenty of excuses to squelch your workout plans: icy roads, a sick child, or the mere spine-chilling thought of leaving the gym with wet hair. Yet that angel on your shoulder, err , trapezius, is reminding you to power through and log a good sweat session.
    • The solution? A killer at-home workout.
    • We asked personal trainers to share some of their best at-home workout tips and their favorite calorie-torching workouts you can do from home. Sorry to break it to you, but now you have no excuse.
    • Safety first

    • Having a home workout area can zap your excuses and keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals, says Danielle Girdano , who was one of the finalists for the Chicago Innovation Awards because of her mathematical-based fitness programs.
    • Girdano, a Master Certified Personal Trainer who in 2016 was named one of the top three personal trainers in the world by IDEA Health & Fitness Association , shares her top tips for making sure you’re getting a safe workout at home.
    • 1. Use a mirror. A majority of injuries occur as a result of improper form, says Girdano. “A mirror can help you to keep good form,” she says. “Most times when people become tired toward the end of sets, their form suffers. Back and knee areas are normally of most concern.”
    • 2. Embrace modifications. When you’re selecting routines, look for modifications for either increased or decreased difficulty. “Modifications are important not just in the beginning of your journey, but also as you progress.”
    • 3. Stay hydrated and recover. Drinking enough water is especially important if you’re doing a great deal of “mouth breathing.” After you work out, consider a recovery protein (Girdano recommends
    • Plant Head ). Recovery protein needs to be consumed within 20 minutes of finishing your workout for optimal results. “If this window is missed, then you are missing the opportunity to give the tissue what it needs, and the protein intake will simply add to your daily intake,” she says.
    • 4. Control your breathing. This is especially important when you’re working out from home — likely alone. The more rapid your breathing, the more oxygen is being taking into your body. “If your body is not used to large amounts of oxygen, then this can lead to lightheadedness,” she says.
    • Now it’s time to choose a workout!
    • If you’re playing hooky from the gym, here are some awesome at-home workout solutions, tips, and routines from trainers.
    • Super-charged intervals
    • Erik Marthaler , co-founder of Lateral Fitness in Chicago
    • Erik Marthaler
    • Marthaler’s motto? Stick to the basics, like body weights, dumbbells, and resistance bands, interspersed with bursts of cardio. This interval training gives you more bang for your workout buck, spiking your heart rate and allowing you to torch more calories in less time. If you have one at home, hop on a treadmill, bike, or rower. If you don’t, you can still use a jump rope, do high knees, or run the stairs in your building. He suggests doing circuits like you would at the gym to work out the entire body. Bodyweight exercises, including push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges, can also deliver serious results, Marthaler says. He also suggests floor chest presses with dumbbells, bridges, tricep extensions, squat and shoulder presses with dumbbells, standing rows, and curls with a resistance band, and don’t forget to keep adding in that cardio to keep your heart rate up. Doing extra ab work can also be a substitute for cardio, he says.
    • Just find 10 minutes…
    • Meghan Kennihan , certified personal trainer and running coach in Chicago
    • Meghan Kennihan
    • You don’t need 30 consecutive minutes to log a stellar workout. If you’ve got a little free time here and there, try a few of Kennihan’s “10-minute workouts” throughout the day — no equipment needed. “I challenge my clients to record how many reps they do in the minute and try to get one more the next time they do it,” she says.
    • Workout 1
    • Do each of these exercises twice:
    • ✶ 60-second alternating lunges
    • ✶ 60-second burpees
    • ✶ 60-second plank
    • ✶ 30-second side right plank
    • ✶ 30-second side left plank
    • ✶ 60 seconds of jumping jacks
    • Workout 2
    • Do each of these exercises twice:
    • ✶ 60-second pushups
    • ✶ 60-second crunches
    • ✶ 60-second air squats
    • ✶ 30-second side right lunge
    • ✶ 30-second side left lunge
    • ✶ 60-second scissor lunges
    • Workout 3
    • Do each of these exercises twice:
    • ✶ 60-second vertical jumps
    • ✶ 60-second mountain climbers
    • ✶ 60-second side-to-side hops
    • ✶ 30-second reverse crunches
    • ✶ 30-second bicycles
    • ✶ 60-second arm circles
    • If it’s good enough for Hollywood…
    • Reggie Chambers , celebrity trainer in New York City, who also works with new and expecting moms and
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