April 27, 2018

Meet The New Slim Version Of Windows 10

We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft has developed Windows 10 on a series of versions and platforms. As it always seeks to satisfy all its users and their needs. However, now according to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Microsoft just launched a new slim version of Windows 10, which is known as Windows 10 Lean.
The tech giant Microsoft has developed Windows 10 on a series of versions and platforms. It seeks to satisfy all users and their needs.

After unveiling the not-so-successful Windows 10 S now comes Windows 10 Lean, an even shorter version of its operating system.

There are already many versions of Windows 10 that we can use every day. If some are dedicated to the business world and others to the home consumer, Microsoft has also started looking at other markets with very large specifics.

This is how Windows 10 S comes about, a version dedicated to teaching. Following this line, Windows 10 Lean has now been discovered, a shorter version that takes up less space. Compared with Windows 10 Pro, this new version requires less than 2 GB of space.

This is also a stripped-down version of many of the applications we use in this system. From what is known, elements like wallpaper, the drivers of CD and DVD players and even RegEdit are absent.

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 Welcome to Windows 10 Lean/CloudE/S (once again?)
This new edition started shipping with this week's Skip Ahead build (17650)
It seems to be heavily cut down, an x64 clean install is roughly 2 GB smaller than Pro
Its edition ID is 0xB7 which was missing from SDK headers
7:38 PM - Apr 20, 2018
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There is still information that Internet access is present, but with strange limitations in the case of Edge, as this browser will not have the ability to download files.

Interestingly all the missing applications can be installed and will work without any limitation, making this one normal Windows 10 and equal to the rest.

Windows 10 Lean is now in the test builds of Redstone 5 and can be tested by everyone who has access to the Skip Ahead version in the Insiders program.

It is not clear if this will be a version dedicated to the availability in virtual machines or if it will be only a core version of this system, dedicated to very specific environments.

The truth is that this will be another version that can be used, widening the range of offer of Windows 10. Still, with the next major update to be awaited, it is time for these news to begin testing in Redstone 5, the next version.

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