May 28, 2018

On Her Personal Struggle With Anxiety & How She Learned To Cope

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Sarah Wilson is the journalist, entrepreneur, and author behind the I Quit Sugar empire who has helped people around the world give up the sweet stuff for the sake of their health. She is also a lifelong sufferer of anxiety. Her latest book, First We Make the Beast Beautiful, is a stunning account of how Sarah copes with anxiety and a must-have handbook for anyone who wants to understand the often illusive mental illness a little better.

In this episode, Sarah—a longtime friend and contributor to mbg—dives into the practices and routines that have helped her reframe her anxiety as a "beautiful beast" instead of a straight-up monster. It's rich with practical information that anyone can benefit from, from how to talk your way down from a panic attack to how to help a friend or loved one through their anxious moments. She also covers the sugar-anxiety connection and shares some fascinating science on how the anxious brain works and how we can train ours to do things differently.

Tune in to snag Sarah's No. 1 tip for maintaining good health, staying present in the age of social media, and simplifying your life for the sake of your sanity. In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, I'm honored to present this podcast.

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