May 29, 2018

Ways to Beat Melasma

Pregnancy bring many, many challenges, from nausea and vomiting during the early stages to feelings of bloating and general discomfort during the later stages. One symptom of pregnancy that’s not discussed at length, however, is melasma, a skin condition that’s sometimes referred to as a “pregnancy mask.” Specifically, melasma involves the development of brown and gray patches on the skin, often on the face. It’s the result of the somewhat radical hormonal adjustments that accompany the average pregnancy.
The good news is that melasma, unlike melanoma, is a not particularly dangerous or life-threatening skin condition. However, melasma can lead to embarrassment and general discomfort when appearing in public, which means it’s worth exploring some simple remedies that can help clear it up.

1. Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter is incredibly versatile: used in the past to make chocolate and other sweets, these days it’s also a popular and simple remedy for a number of hair and skin conditions. When applied, it can help repair damaged hair or skin and encourage new and healthy growth. It’s also a popular moisturizer, with its sweet but subtle smell lingering on skin or hair for hours afterwards.
When it comes to melasma, a skin condition that often accompanies pregnancy, cocoa butter has the ability to naturally lighten the color of the skin and repair damaged tissue. For the best results, try leaving the cocoa butter on the skin for a longer period of time, such as overnight. In any case, gently remove it with a little soap and water.

2. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is widely considered one of the healthier breakfast food options, for a few key reasons. First and foremost, it’s a complex carbohydrate that contains protein, meaning it takes longer to digest and keeps one feeling full for much longer than a breakfast containing simple carbohydrates — like white bread toast or sugary cereal.
But oatmeal is also useful in the fight against melasma, a skin condition that often arises during pregnancy. That’s because oatmeal contains properties capable of helping it act like a natural exfoliate, carefully brushing away discolored, dead skin to make way for new and healthy skin generation. When preparing the oatmeal, keep things simple: avoid using sugar or sugar-like substances and apply the oatmeal to the skin for roughly 20 minutes before wiping it off with a little soap and water.
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