July 03, 2018

Popular Online Survey Software , Suffers Data Breach

Typeform, the popular Spanish- based online data collection company specializes in form building and online surveys for businesses worldwide , has today disclosed that the company has suffered a data breach that exposed partial data of its some users .
The company identified the breach on June 27 th , and then quickly performed a full forensic investigation of the incident to identify the source of the breach .
According to the company , some unknown attackers managed to gain unauthorized access to its servers and downloaded a partial data backups for surveys conducted before May 3 rd 2018 .
Typeform confirmed that it patched the issue within just half an hour after identifying the intrusion , and emailed all the affected users , warning them to watch out for potential phishing scams , or spam emails .

The company did not disclose any details about the vulnerability that was exploited by hackers to gain access to its servers , though it assured its users that no payment card details or password information for the website had been exposed in the breach .
Also, if customers collected payments via Typeform' s Stripe integration, all of their audience' s payment details are safe .
One of its customers, Monzo , a digital mobile - only bank that had used Typeform ' s service to collect survey results in the past , also conducted an initial investigation of the incident and confirmed that " some personal data of about 20 , 000 people are likely to have been included in the breach . "
" For the vast majority of people , this was just their email address. For a much smaller proportion of others, this may have included other data like their Twitter username or postcode . We ’ ve published a full breakdown at the bottom of this post, " Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield wrote on its website.
Monzo is also sending out emails to its users affected by the data breach , informing that the breach likely included their email addresses and that the incident has not affected their user ’ s Monzo accounts and their money is safe .
Popular sportswear company Adidas on Thursday also confirmed a potential data breach that affected millions of its U . S . customers, who may have compromised their usernames , password hashes and contact information .
Yesterday , Global entertainment ticketing service Ticketmaster also admitted that the company has suffered a security breach that exposed some of their customers personal and payment information to unknown hackers .

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