July 06, 2018

Secure VPN Services ? Get a Lifetime Subscriptio

PRIVACY – a bit of an Internet buzzword nowadays , because the business model of the Internet has now shifted towards data collection .
Today , most users surf the web unaware of the fact that websites and online services collect their personal information , including search histories , location , and buying habits and make millions by sharing your data with advertisers and marketers .
If this is not enough , then there are governments across the world conducting mass surveillance , and hackers and cyber criminals who can easily steal sensitive data from the ill- equipped networks, websites , and PCs .
So , what ' s the solution and how can you protect your privacy, defend against government surveillance and prevent malware attacks ?
No matter which Internet connection you are using to go online , one of the most efficient solutions to maximize your privacy is to use a secure VPN service.
In this article , we have introduced two popular VPN services , TigerVPN and VPNSecure , which help you in many ways . But before talking about them, let' s dig deeper into what is a VPN , importance of VPN and why you should use one .
What is a VPN & Why You Should Use It ?
A VPN , or Virtual Private Network , is nothing but an encrypted tunnel between you and the Internet .
Once you connect directly to your VPN service, every Internet browsing activity of yours will go through the VPNs servers and blocks third parties , including government and your ISP , from snooping on your connection .
Secure and Encrypted Web Browsing :
VPNs enhance online security by keeping your data secured and encrypted.
Online Anonymity: VPNs help you browse the Internet in complete anonymity so that no one can track the origin of your Internet connection back to you .
Prevent Data & Identity Theft : VPNs encrypt all data transferred between your computer and the Internet , allowing you to keep your sensitive information safe from prying eyes and significantly reducing the risk of security breaches and cyber attacks .
Unblock Websites & Bypass Internet Restrictions : VPN essentially hides your IP address, so your visits to any restricted sites do not register with the third - party , including your government or ISP, trying to block you , ensuring you enjoy the online freedom of speech .
Hide Your Browsing History From ISP :
VPNs stop your ISP from logging your web visit , as the spying ISP will not be able to see what you are visiting on the Internet .
Multiple Device Supported: Many VPN services usually support multiple devices and work on all operating systems, such as Windows , Mac , Linux, Android, and iOS . With multiple device support , you can set up your PC, work computer and smartphone to access one VPN at the same time .
Get Best VPN Service — Lifetime Subscription
Dozens of companies today sell VPN services , and you can find plenty of reviews that can help you choose one .
But make sure to look for a VPN service that includes a large number of servers distributed worldwide , type of encryption , their privacy policies, speed and price .
If you are looking for an excellent and secure VPN service to start with , below we have introduced two best deals from THN Store , offering popular VPNs at highly discounted prices with lifetime access.
VPNSecure : Lifetime Subscription
If you ' re searching for an affordable and cross -platform VPN service without any bandwidth limits , VPNSecure is the one you can trust on .
This premium VPN service is compatible with all operating systems, easy to use and setup offers lightning - fast connection and provides ultimate safeguards against hackers and cyber- thieves .
With strict no - log record policy, VPNSecure has many servers located in more than 46 countries and counting .
The VPNSecure Lifetime Subscription is available for just $ 19 . 99 at THN Deals Store —isn ' t this excellent deal , a one- time flat fee for a lifetime VPN subscription .
TigerVPN: Lifetime Subscription
TigerVPN comes with a right mix of security , usability, and features , and supports Windows , Mac , Android , and iOS . It provides military grade encryption to make sure your entire communication on the Internet is end- to - end secure and protected.
The service doesn ’ t allow anyone , including your ISP or the government , to monitor , target or even sell your internet activity. With TigerVPN , you can enjoy the benefits of unlocking geo - restrictions from content providers like Netflix , Youtube , and many others with unlimited access to 15 VPN nodes across 11 countries .
The TigerVPN Lifetime Subscription is also available for just $ 25 . 99 at THN Deals Store —that ' s 95 % off on its real value .
So , what you are waiting for ? Grab your VPN Now !
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