February 22, 2018

Top Treadmills Under $1500

Treadmills are important for one’s health, but they can also be expensive. But that does not mean anyone who wants to get one of these treadmills has to spend a fortune. There are many good options to find when getting the best treadmills under $1500 or less. These models come with many ideal features and functions without prompting people to spend more than what they might be comfortable with. Each model is different, so look at how well these are laid out to give you something worthwhile for your workout needs.

Ancheer S6200

The first of the best affordable treadmills to find is the Ancheer S6200. This uses a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a full-color display. It can link to a Wi-Fi network and even uses a high-definition display for anything you want to see while on the treadmill. It can link to Bluetooth headphones too. The digital control system on the screen can be called up quickly to help you adjust the speed and incline on the treadmill or to review your workout statistics.


Can handle up to 306 pounds of weight
Works without producing lots of noise
Strong shock absorption system
Two-year frame warranty plus a three-year motor cover

Bluetooth only works for headphones
The model is very heavy
Amazon rating: 5 stars

The 2 HP drive system on this treadmill from ProForm gives you a comfortable surface to run on. The ProShox Cushioning system uses a belt with lines all around to give you a good grip while keeping the impact on your joints from being intense.

The control system can help you run at speeds up to 10 miles per hour. A 10 percent incline can also be set up. The treadmill does well with moving from one speed or incline to another to keep your workout moving right.


Grip uses a heart rate monitor
Comfortable surface for running
Uses eight personal trainer apps for preparing a quality workout

Running belt is rather slim
Control system is rather complicated
Amazon rating: 4.2 stars


Sole F63

The Sole F63 treadmill is the next choice to find. This uses a 3 HP motor that moves at speeds up to 12 mph with a 15 percent incline at the highest. This uses six regular workout programs and two customizable programs. You can even use heart programs that work with optimized controls for producing a heart-healthy workout.

Cooling fans are included on the sides of the LCD screen. These fans keep you comfortable during a workout and can prevent overheating, thus giving you the most out of your workout.


Can handle up to 325 pounds
Programs for fitness workouts are versatile
Easy to place out on the floor and use


LCD screen is tough to read at times
At 253 pounds, the treadmill is often tough to push around
Amazon rating: 4.1 stars

Another choice to find is something a little less expensive. The ProForm 505 CST is one of the best choices to have for the best running treadmill under $1000. The model offers a 2.5 HP commercial motor. This uses a control system with a 10 percent incline control. This also comes with eighteen workout applications to help you stay strong and easy to work out.

The EKG heart rate monitor is valuable for keeping a workout running well. This reads your vital signs carefully and gives you a comfortable layout for staying active.


Convenient music port
Easy to fold down and store anywhere

Display screen is rather small in size
Does not absorb shocks as well as other treadmills
Amazon rating: 4.1 stars

NordicTrack T 6.5S

NordicTrack has been one of the top companies around in the world of treadmills. One option to see in this best treadmills review is this model with a 2.6 HP continuous layout. It uses twenty workout options to keep you active and steady while running. You can also use the incline adjustment system to get an incline of up to 10 percent to work for you.


Buttons on the control panel make for a simple layout
Cushioning system is evenly distributed all around
Works with iFit devices with dedicated buttons on the control panel

Can take about four hours to set up yourself
Display screen looks too plain
Amazon rating: 4.2 stars


Weslo Cadence G5.9

The next choice to see is an even cheaper option from Weslo. This is one of the best treadmills under $500 thanks to how it uses a basic yet easy to manage layout. This uses a general control scheme for adjusting the speed on the belt while keeping it strong and easy to control. This model is also popular for having a simple folding mechanism that you can use to get the treadmill folded up for later storage. At about 110 pounds in weight, it is easy to move the treadmill into an upright position for storage needs.


Six trainer workouts included
Machine responds quickly to speed changes
Pulse sensor on the console accurately reads out your heart rate

Only uses two incline settings
Cushioning system is not too elaborate
Rudimentary control system
Amazon rating: 3.8 stars

The last choice to find is another option for the best treadmill under $600 that you can use. This model from Sunny has pulse grips on its sides to read out your heart rate while using the treadmill. It uses a 2.2 HP motor with enough power to keep the treadmill running fast. It also uses three incline options that are easy to shift. Nine individual user programs are also included to help you stay active. This works with a simplified interface on the control panel with individual options to help you run at set speeds. These include 2, 4 and 6 mph options for all your workouts.


Responds to speed changes quickly
Convenient handrail controls make it easy for you to adjust the treadmill while on the go
Soft-drop folding system keeps the treadmill easy to close up


Tough to assemble
Can only handle 220 pounds
Not many incline options
So you want to make a change — maybe you're contemplating ending a long-term relationship, moving from the city to the country or starting a new lifestyle regimen — but you're not quite sure where to begin. Lois Barth, a motivational speaker, life coach, and author of Courage to Sparkle: The Audacious Girls' Guide to Creating a Life That Lights You Up, believes that people who are searching for something in their lives tend to fall into one of three categories

"They're either the butterfly in the cocoon, thinking, 'I know I need to make a change, I just don't know what that is," she says. "Then there are people who want more excitement in their lives, and then there are those who know exactly what they want, but they need that tipping point that's going to launch them."

The most important shifts happen on the inside and begin with giving yourself permission to sparkle.

"I personally love the metaphor 'sparkle' because it's about standing out, reflecting a light about who we are and embracing our multi-faceted brilliant self," Barth says. "There's nothing passive about sparkling — it's a revolutionary shift in your life, one that makes you come alive!"

And following her "5C Method" offers an "opportunity to look at your life through a new lens." So, without further ado… are you ready for a life that radiates?

Barth believes that children and animals are our greatest teachers because they are wildly curious about, well, pretty much everything.

"This is grounded in science — when we become more curious, our breathing will become more focused," she explains. "We're engaged, we're in tunnel vision, we're excited and there's an expansiveness to our thoughts."

She recalls one of her clients who had been struggling to lose weight. "She sounded so uninspired, so I asked her to tell me what losing 20 pounds would do for her life — and that's where the magic happened," Barth says. "The client envisioned her thinner self as a soccer coach for her child's team, running up and down the field during the game. She then said, 'And I would be so proud that I'm not letting the number dictate my level of vitality,' and I screamed, 'There it is — that's your curiosity!'"

In other words: Dig deep to determine the driving force behind your goals.


If you have a bad habit of saying disparaging things about yourself, like "I'm too old to start a new career" or "I'm too weak to cut out sugar," it's important to understand that self-criticism constricts the mind.

"As a client once said, 'If I spoke to my friends the way that I speak to myself, I would have no friends,'" Barth says. "Being compassionate with yourself is a muscle — especially for women — because we can be so hard on ourselves."

She offers this simple exercise: Think about your BFF and the way you speak to each other. The next time you're feeling doubtful, defeated or worried, start talking to yourself using the same tone and language you would with your friend.

"It's not about rationalizing our own behavior when we've made a mistake or acted inappropriately," Barth says. "Compassion provides a soft landing to open our hearts more, toward ourselves and others, while navigating life's sometimes seismic challenges."

Barth stresses the importance of connecting with your goal each day in order to keep the momentum going. But it involves more than just hanging positive mantras or images on the bathroom mirror (which isn't discouraged, by the way) — it's about consistently taking small actions.

Whether you have the desire to go back to school, write a novel, or just live a less stressful life, Barth highly recommends "a morning ritual that inspires you — one that is easy and applicable to your life."

Her suggestion: Start the day with the following six steps (taken from the book The Miracle Morning). And before you freak out and say you don't have time to do more stuff in the morning, relax: You only need to spend one minute on each step.

Silence: Focus on your breathing.
Affirmations: Read a mantra that reminds you of your purpose.
Visualization: See your wish as a reality.
Journaling: Jot down everything you're grateful for and the tasks you want to accomplish that day.
Reading: Grab a favorite self-help book and read one page at random.
Exercise: Stretch, dance, do jumping jacks or anything else that will give your body a quick jolt of energy.
"These six minutes can be a game-changer," Barth says.

"People keep thinking courage is acting in the absence of fear, but courage is the willingness to act in the presence of fear," explains Barth. "The courage comes from taking the action. If you wait until you're feeling fearless, that moment will probably never come."

So if you find yourself feeling like the Cowardly Lion, keep in mind that's actually a good thing. Barth — who admits to having stage fright whenever she gives a presentation — refers to the term "eustress," aka "good stress."

"Our fight-or-flight mechanism doesn't know the difference between the charging buffalo or asking that attractive person out on a date," she explains. "This is your body doing its job. It's saying you're energized!"

And lastly, Barth insists on surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you to be courageous, which she dubs your "Sparkle Squad."

"Friends don't let friends live mediocre lives," she says. "Find friends who will help you stay true to what you want — and who will not take 'no' for an answer."

Many people abandon their goals because things aren't going according to plan. "Life ain't linear!" Barth says. "We can be linear thinkers, but life is not linear. And you will always get off track because life intervenes — that's its job!"

One way to redirect yourself toward your goals is to eliminate the black-and-white, all-or-nothing language. For example, stop using words like "good" and "bad," "right" and "wrong." Instead of saying 'I've made a bad decision,' reframe it as 'I've made an ill-informed decision' or 'I've made a decision solely based on my emotions.'

"It's a healthier way of looking at your choices," Barth says. "And this change is especially helpful when speaking about your diet, as well as your career."

Skater Stole the Show at the Olympics in a Sequined "Catsuit"

Most of the women participating in the ladies' competition at the Olympics took to the ice with figure skating dresses that came in various colors and styles. While the medalists won't be declared until tomorrow night, Diana Nikitina of Latvia is already making headlines thanks to her bold choice in wearing a sequined catsuit for her short program.

Skating along to Sade's "Soldier of Love," Nikitina wore the bold outfit with matching sequined black gloves.

"I am a strong person, I am not a bit like a princess," Nikitina told USA Today. "This look makes the costume a bit mean. Everything is strong in my program and in my life. The outfit is elegant for a girl who is tall."

Nikitina was in 26th place by the end of the event, even with a new season's best, and was unable to make the top 24 to move onto the free program tomorrow night.

Despite not making it to the finals, Nikitina gained a lot of new fans on Twitter thanks to her performance. Many viewers pointed out her decision of going with a catsuit can help prevent a wardrobe malfunction, after a number of skaters recently dealt with them throughout the competition.

Marissa Thomas
I am all for Diana Nikitina’s body suit. Sparkles and glitter, with no chance of a wardrobe malfunction #FigureSkating #Olympics
2:38 AM - Feb 21, 2018
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Bizzy Sanford
That bodysuit SLAY #Latvia #OlympicGames2018
2:28 AM - Feb 21, 2018
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Nikitina was not the only skater who decided to go with a more untraditional outfit and song. Maé-Bérénice Méité also made headlines for her performance to Beyoncé's hits in the team event earlier in the week, representing France. She also competed in the individual event where she came in 22nd and will move onto the next round. Ivett Toth of Hungary wore a leather jacket and pants while skating to AC/DC. She came in 23rd and will also be skating tomorrow.

Studing will Show that Having Good Friends Can Improve Your Health

Best friends make everything better — there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. True friends are sources of joy, laughter, and even a healthy dose of tough love. A recent study revealed that good friends also significantly impact your health as you age.

Researchers at Northwestern University found that some elderly people credited their good health to busy social lives. The study looked at 50 elderly participants — 31 "SuperAgers" and 19 cognitively average-for-age peers. The "SuperAgers" were a group of men and women over the age of 80 with episodic memory and impressive cognitive awareness.

Participants were asked to fill out a 42-item questionnaire about their psychological well-being. The greatest difference between the "SuperAgers" and the other folks was the degree to which they mentioned having satisfying, warm, trusting relationships. All of the other areas on the questionnaire, including finding life's purpose and retaining autonomy, were similar — if not the same — as their peers.

This research is in line with previous studies about the benefits of having deep and meaningful friendships. A study from William J. Chopik, found that friendships — rather than family relationships — have a tremendous impact on your long-term health. "There is now a large body of research supporting the idea that close relationships enhance health and well-being across the lifespan," he wrote in the study. It's simple: We get to choose our friends, which means that we're trusting them to influence our lives in a positive way, Chopik says.

Think about it: How many times has a friend changed your perspective on something health-related? Friends influence your mood, diet, fitness regime, smoking tendency, and alcohol intake (among a slew of other things). Without close friends, we're more at risk for heart disease, arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, and dementia.

Now, more than ever, it's important to prioritize coffee dates and nights out on the town with your BFFs. Spending time with loved ones will not only give you lasting memories to look back on but also up your chances for a long-lasting life. And soon enough, you and your pals will have a bingo table calling your name!

10 Sleep Mask Is Knocking People Out from cold

It's a fact of life that the more you try to fall asleep, the harder it becomes. And while you can try special lotions, foods, and soundtracks, one Amazon product is converting thousands of insomniacs into lifelong, well-rested fans.

The Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask has more than 9,000 reviews with a whopping four-and-a-half-star rating. Better yet, it costs less than $10. The reason for all of the hype is simple: The blindfold combines smooth, breathable silk with an easy-to-adjust strap that won't tangle hair or snag pillows. The manufacturer claims it's "ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers," and has plenty of testimonials to back it up.

alaska bear sleep mask
Alaska Bear
BUY NOW: Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, $10

"Even with blackout curtains, I have difficulty sleeping during bright days during my night shift," one reviewer wrote. "This product has made a huge difference in the way I sleep. This mask is amazing! I didn't have high hopes, but I was willing to try anything. Now when I put the mask on, I am asleep in minutes! I also feel like I am getting much deeper sleep."

Another stated that while their old mask would lose elasticity and frequently fall off, this strap was another story. "I got this new one, shipped to me pronto, and hibernated just like a Grizzly last night," they claimed.

This isn't the only sleep mask on Amazon to attract a loyal following. The $13 Bedtime Bliss blindfold went viral this fall with similar rave reviews. Unlike the Alaska Bear version, it features a contoured fit so there's no pressure on the eyes, a potential pro to some sleepers.

Whichever blindfold you choose, there's scientific research supporting the benefits of these tried-and-true accessories. Wearing masks and earplugs in a noisy and bright environment improved sleep quality and structure, according to a small 2015 study published in Critical Care.

So there you have it: Wearing a sleep mask might really bring you sweet, sweet relief — and this time with a sweet price tag as well.

Torrent Bugs Let Websites Control Your PC And Steal In what u download

Recently, a security researcher from the tech giant Google’s Project Zero initiative has discovered a severe vulnerability in the well-known and the most-used BitTorrent client, of course, the uTorrent that simply let websites to control your computer and steal your downloads.

 security flaw in uTorrent allows your computer to be controlled by a malicious person, including through a malicious website. The breach exists in two versions of the torrent client and was discovered by a Google researcher, who is part of the Project Zero initiative.

Details of the vulnerability have not been revealed yet. So far, it has been known to exist in both uTorrent for Windows and uTorrent Web and allows malicious code to run through the application’s remote control function – the exploit works even if the user does not enable the Web UI feature.

By exploiting the loophole, a hacker can remotely manage user downloads. This seems almost harmless, but it makes room for a malicious file to be downloaded directly to the Windows startup folder, for example, which would cause the malware to run at the next boot.

BitTorrent reported that the problem was fixed in uTorrent for Windows and uTorrent Web The corrected version for Windows is in beta and will be distributed to users in the next few days; you can download it from the uTorrent website.

It is worth remembering that uTorrent, although still the most popular BitTorrent client in the world, has a somewhat troubled history: a few years ago, it started to install cryptocurrency miners and reports have recently surfaced that the program’s ads come with malware.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Hackers Hacked Tesla’s Cloud

We all know very well that how cryptocurrencies are currently taking its rounds and working as enzymes in trending topics. However, now according to the latest reports, recently hackers have managed to hack Tesla’s cloud or servers simply to mine cryptocurrencies.

Two of the great themes that today surround us all seem to have been found. Tesla and the cryptocurrencies are the idols of a new chapter that has been little expected for many of us. The company, which has an extensive list of powerful servers working for them, has been the victim of a powerful hack with the aim of mining cryptocurrencies.

As many of you will know, cryptocurrency mining takes a good amount of requirement of the device in which you want to mine, the hardware specifications have to be very good. That’s why a great server like Tesla, in which we find a very high power to process all the data we find in the company, is one of the main objectives of the hackers.

Tesla hacked to mine cryptocurrencies
This has been published by RedLock, a security firm specializing in the cloud that has detected that one of the most important servers of Tesla hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), has been the victim of a hack. The objective of this hacking, as we have commented previously, has been to take advantage of the computational capacity of the server for the cryptocurrency mining.

This breach of security already discovered a couple of weeks ago by the security firm itself, put the whistle in the sky for all those companies that maintain servers in AWS and other distributors. All of them could be victims of an attack after the access credentials were leaked. These credentials had no known owner, at least for now we all know is Tesla.

It is really amazing how the hackers themselves attacked the Tesla server with the sole objective of taking full advantage of its calculation capacity and not to steal important data from the company, as it has been pointed out in the study, Tesla had important information not encrypted on that server.

For now, it seems that the firm, along with Amazon, has shielded the server and the hackers are unknown, but, no longer have control over it. Anyway from RedLock point to this type of practices, especially in the face of high-powered servers such as Tesla, will continue to rise until important changes in security are applied.

This is a task that must be borne in mind since today there are many companies (more than 70%) that use large capacity cloud servers. These companies, in most cases, do not have a security system safe enough for this type of attack.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

GOODLE AS JUST Unveiled The List Of Best Smartphones

When we talk about mobiles and companies, it is easy for us to think about the companies such as Apple and Samsung. However, there is a world beyond the two giants, and Google itself is part of it, hence, it has recently, published the list of best smartphones for business and professionals.

When we talk about mobiles and companies, it is easy for us to think about the companies such as Apple and Samsung. However, there is a world beyond the two giants, and Google itself is part of it. In its official blog, the tech giant Google makes recommendations to employers, so they get clear about which mobile phones should be suitable for their needs.

They do not only recommend the phone you’re thinking about, but they also include terminals that you do not expect, and which are excellent alternatives, according to the tech giant Google, for the business world.

The top of Google for the business world
Android Enterprise Recommended, is the name that receives the initiative of Google to recommend to the smartphone companies with Android for their day to day use. The requirements to join this program can be found on the Android website, although you can basically get an idea of what is required.

You must have security updates for a minimum of three years
Must have a satisfactory user experience
Minimum hardware specifications for Android 7.0+ devices
They must start with Android 7.0 or higher, at least

The funny thing is the device list itself since we are sure that you will be surprised by some models on the list, which you probably have not imagined in Google’s plan for company mobiles.

Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
BlackBerry KEYone and BlackBerry Motion
Huawei Mate 10
Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Huawei P10
Huawei P10 Plus
Huawei P10 Lite
Huawei P10 Smart
LG V30
Nokia 8
Motorola X4
Motorola Z2
Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact
Sony Xperia XZ Premium
Sony Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra
It draws the attention that you sign as Huawei or LG, with such personalized layers, are some of the best mobile companies, according to Google. On the part of Huawei, we have an early inclusion in Project Treble of mobile phones that came on the market with Android 7.0, so updates will not be a problem again.

On the LG side, we have an incredible LG V30 that has come as the brother of the Pixel, and that is Google’s recommendation for the world of work. As it is evident, companies such as Sony, Nokia or Motorola, with clean and updated software, could not be off the list.

These are, then, the recommendations of Google for business mobiles. Tell us if you agree with this list, what would you add, what would you remove, and if you think that Android is a good option for the working world.

Google as Just Launched A New App That Let Users Reply Without the need of typing any word or text

We all know very well that automatic responses can be quite useful. When someone sends you a “good morning,” you probably say “good morning.” Now, according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google just launched a new application that let users reply without typing a word.

Reply will suggest automatic replies to Android Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Skype, Slack, Twitter (direct messages only) and WhatsApp. It only acts on notifications, rather than integrating with those apps. Even in this initial beta, it works well – even suggesting answers to the messages.

This is the same technology as the Smart Reply, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze messages and predict responses. This is built into Inbox, Gmail, Allo and (for Project Fi clients) on Android Messaging. The idea is to expand it to third-party apps.

As noted by Android Police, not all the features of Reply are working. For example, the app promises to suggest responses taking into account the user’s current location, but this does not yet appear.

In addition, sometimes it also suggests answers for messages as we told earlier. Even so, I was impressed by how well the app works, even in beta.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Feature of Nokia 8 Rotating Penta-lens Camera

We all know very well that the photography is becoming a more important section in smartphones, and that is more than obvious. As the tech giant Google has shown that, with a camera, they get the best results on a smartphone. Now according to the latest reports the Finnish company Nokia’s, Nokia 8 Pro to feature rotating Penta-lens Carl Zeiss camera.

The Finnish company Nokia is slowly coming back to the market and intends, in a short time, to recover some of the success it has had in the past.

In a bold bet, the MWC 2018 will be able to meet the new Nokia 8 Pro, a model that will bring a camera with a system of 5 Carl Zeiss lenses.

Although it is only now coming back in force to the market, the truth is that Nokia still retains much prestige due to the glorious times it has lived. Its cell phones are still examples of endurance, quality and longevity, and this idea has not been lost.

After a season in the hands of Microsoft, the company HMD Global has returned to bet on the legendary Nordic brand and has made a huge effort to leverage. Initially the sales seemed not to be positive, however, the last quarter came to give a breath of fresh air and put the mark in the right way for 2018.

To mark the year with a strong bet in the high range has now emerged information on a new model that the Finnish brand Nokia may present in MWC 2018, the Nokia 8 Pro.

Nokia 8 Pro – A smartphone with a five-lens rotating module
Nokia 8 Pro could be one of the next bets of HMD Global and bring with it interesting news. Positioning itself in the high segment, this new smartphone will bring the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and the new Adreno 630 GPU, which will give this device top performance.

However, the news does not stop here. According to the information that has circulated, this smartphone will bring a sophisticated rotating module of 5 lenses that promises an excellent photographic capacity.

Although visually only 2 lenses can be identified, the module will consist of a total of five that will alternate between them in order to obtain a better adaptation to the movement and the photographic intention of the user.

Although not yet known much of this technology, the Finnish company Nokia shared a long time ago a promotional video, in conjunction with Carl Zeiss, where it appears to display a simulation of this module to work.

ZEISS Camera Lenses

Nokia smartphones to feature ZEISS optics. Together, we look forward to an exciting journey into the future of smartphone imaging.
8:01 AM - Jul 6, 2017
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In addition, the Nokia 8 Pro will bring a glass construction (front and back), a rear fingerprint sensor and an 18:9 ratio screen.

If the reports are confirmed, this smartphone will be displayed by HMD Global during MWC Barcelona, however, should only be available near the month of August. This will be the first smartphone to integrate an identical system, promising good photographic quality.

So, what do you think about this new flagship smartphone of the Finnish company Nokia, of course, the Nokia 8 Pro with a rotating module of 5 lenses? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

February 21, 2018

100 Year-Old Teacher Shares Her Secrets for Healthy life

In 2012, Guinness World Records named Tao Porchon-Lynch the oldest yoga instructor in the world. Now, she's 99 years old — and still teaching yoga at her New York studio. How's that for healthy aging?

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Porchon-Lynch, author of Shining Bright: Quotes and Images to Inspire Optimism, Gratitude & Belief In Your Limitless Potential, shared some of her secrets for keeping her body healthy and her mind sharp. We rounded up some of our favorites:

1. She's in touch with her breathing.

If teaching yoga for 75 years has taught Porchon-Lynch anything, it's that mindful breathing can have surprisingly powerful effects. And she's right — experts say that slower, deeper breathing can help us reduce anxiety, improve focus, fight pain and even help in the prevention of diseases, such as diabetes. "When you are in touch with the breath, there is no such thing as age," Porchon-Lynch told the Huffington Post. "Nothing is impossible when you are in tune with your breath."

2. She stays positive.

Porchon-Lynch says yoga helps people look at things in a more optimistic way and melts away stress. (A reminder: Stress can negatively affect your body in many significant, physical ways, including increasing your heart rate, blood pressure and risk of heart attack or stroke, and messing with your weight and digestive system.) "Never put negative thoughts in your mind because it goes right into your body," she said. "When you wake up in the morning, say, 'This is going to be the best day of my life.'"

tao porchon-lynch
3. She still practices yoga every day.

Even at age 98, Porchon-Lynch finds a way to make fitness a part of her daily routine: She wakes up at 5 a.m., gets to her studio by 8:30 a.m., and teaches several yoga classes per day. And that's just the tip of her active-lifestyle iceberg: Earlier this month she took 1,000 students on a retreat to the Bahamas, and in February she'll make a trip across the country for a dance competition. Plus, she and fellow yoga teacher Terri Kennedy are two of the new faces for Athleta's Power of She campaign! (Watch their video for the campaign below.) Color us ommm-pressed.

50 Symptoms of Lyme Disease that is important to know about

Ticks are the ultimate hitchhikers, and the small-as-a-sesame-seed stowaways are on the move. The kinds that carry Lyme disease are now in almost half of U.S. counties — a 45% increase since 1998. The spread results in more than 300,000 people being diagnosed with Lyme every year. If left untreated, the disease can have scary symptoms that target your heart, nervous system, and more.

Giving your body a regular once-over for ticks is the first step in preventing Lyme disease — but don't stop there. It's also smart to stay alert to the disease's symptoms if you've been doing anything outdoorsy, even if you don't think you've been bitten. The key to beating Lyme is to identify it ASAP: New research has found that there's a 21% increased chance of responding well to treatment when the disease is diagnosed at an early stage. Ideally, you want to catch Lyme in the first two to four weeks, but many people miss the symptoms, or confuse them with something else.

Look out in the fall too. Thanks to climate change, ticks are maturing faster and living longer. Doctors are seeing patients come in with symptoms from March through the autumn, with some cases popping up as late as December.

Watch for the easily ignored Lyme signs below so you don't make that same mistake.

1. Red Bumps

Lyme disease is famous for a "bull's-eye" target-like rash, but many people experience a round, red mark similar to an insect or spider bite — or nothing at all. Look out for any unusual redness, and don't write off Lyme just because there's no rash.

2. Flu-like Symptoms

Both Lyme disease and influenza can bring on chills, sweats, and a fever — but a major red flag is having these symptoms without a runny nose or cough. That's a mark of Lyme.

3. Joint Pain and Swelling

While the symptoms are similar to arthritis, aches could be an early sign of Lyme if pain affects just one joint or changes location, such as swelling in the elbow that then moves to the shoulder.

4. Migraines

A stiff neck and headaches are common in the initial stages of infection. Get tested if the pain is accompanied by sore muscles or sensitivity to light and sound.

5. Exhaustion

The disease may trigger fatigue, and some people even confuse it with the extreme tiredness that can occur with depression. If you suddenly have trouble keeping your eyes open, bring up the possibility of Lyme with your doctor.

This story originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

Thinsgs Happens When You Have a Hot Flash

When you get a hot flash, it can feel so hot you want to jump in the freezer. But what's happening to your body? Does your blood pressure increase? And is it affecting your heart? Dr. Mehmet Oz explains what's really going on.

Dr. Oz Says

Incredibly, the specific cause of hot flashes is still a mystery. We know that estrogen interacts with your brain and your central nervous system, which control your body's temperature. And we think that when hormone levels start fluctuating, as they do during menopause — or even sometimes when you're stressed or anxious — it makes your thermostat go haywire. Your brain thinks you're too hot, so it opens up blood vessels in your chest, your neck, and your face; it also cranks up your heart rate and blood pressure to get blood to the surface and cool you down.

Although you're suddenly sweating like an Olympic miler, there's no evidence that hot flashes damage your health. They may not even make you very hot. Your skin temperature might increase a few degrees, but your body temperature usually doesn't change much. It could even drop slightly, since your body is in heat-shedding mode. If you want a little cooling assistance, fill a spray bottle with distilled water and a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil (both are calming scents) and use it on your skin when you feel a flash.

This story originally appeared in the March/April 2014 issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life.

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Parents Claim Their Daughter Suffered Terrifying Side Effects

One Texas family is claiming that a common flu medication caused their daughter to experience dangerous psychotic symptoms after taking it.

The 6-year-old was allegedly given Tamiflu, a well-known antiviral drug used to treat or prevent the flu. Her family (who wishes to remain anonymous) says that after taking the medicine, she experienced hallucinations, unusual behavior, and what they believe was an attempt to harm herself.

"The second story window was open, which is in her bedroom, and she used her desk to climb up onto it, and she was about to jump out the window when my wife came up and grabbed her," her father said to CBS 11.

There are several common side effects of the medication: nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fatigue. Mental and/or mood changes are also listed as possible symptoms, and doctors say that while possible, reactions like those are rare.

"I've been in practice 20 years, and I haven't seen that particular complication," said emergency room physician Dr. Glenn Hardesty to CBS 11. "Less than 1% is what's listed in the data sheet."

Though uncommon, these side effects do happen with enough regularity that the FDA chose to investigate the effects in 2005, after "over a hundred cases of hallucination, delirium, confusion, and other abnormal behaviors and 12 deaths among children in Japan after they took the medication," according to Forbes.

What they ultimately concluded was that there was no definite cause-and-effect between Tamiflu and the reported behaviors. But the FDA does warn people that children and teenagers with the flu may be at a higher risk for seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior early during their illness. These effects can happen shortly after beginning Tamiflu, or if the flu is left untreated.

"People who take Tamiflu should be watched for signs of unusual behavior and a healthcare provider should be contacted right away if the patient shows any unusual behavior while taking Tamiflu," the FDA reports.

Dr. Harlan Krumholz also noted in an article written for Forbes that in spite of the FDA approval, there is still a lot that we don't necessarily know about Tamiflu, as the company won't release certain information.

"There remains substantial uncertainty about whether this drug is worth taking," he wrote. "Meanwhile, it is worth asking – why are they unwilling to share the information they have?"

Though the potential side effects of Tamiflu are written in the fine print, the Texas girl's parents say they wish they had been more aware.

"Know that side effects are there for a reason. They're written down for a reason. I guess they can happen, and we got the short end of the stick," her father said to CBS 11.

When Fox 8 reached out to the makers of Tamiflu, they received this statement from a spokesperson:

We cannot comment on the specific case you mentioned at this time. But I wanted to provide some information on safety of Tamiflu in general. The most common side effects associated with Tamiflu are nausea, vomiting, headache and pain. Neuropsychiatric events have been reported during administration of Tamiflu in patients with influenza, especially in children and adolescents. These events are also experienced by patients with influenza without Tamiflu administration. Patients should be closely monitored for behavioral changes, and the benefits and risks of continuing treatment with Tamiflu should be carefully evaluated for each patient.We take all such reports very seriously and undertake thorough investigations. Data is provided to regulatory authorities for their independent review and to date there is no data suggesting a link with antiviral treatment.
If you're wondering whether Tamiflu is safe for your child, consult your family physician. If you notice your child is experiencing unusual behavior after taking this or any drug, contact their doctor immediately.